What are Libra Earth Tiger personality traits?

libra-sign                     earth-chinese-calligraphy-five-elements-6722740 (3)                      tiger-sign

Positive Traits Diplomatic, Idealistic, Conservative, Stable, Brave, Energetic
Negative Traits Indecisive, Self-indulgent, Selfish, Stubborn, Disobedient, Hot-headed

People born under the Libra Earth Tiger sign are known to be diplomatic. When there is a fight, these people will have the best judgment to settle it. These beings are idealistic which helps them lead with high standards for others to follow. The LET signs are conservative so they have traditional values and beliefs. Just like the earth soil which supports all things on this planet, they are very stable which everyone can depend on. The bravest of them all, who would that be? You’re right the Libra Earth Tigers. When someone needs a hand, these are the first ones to help. They also have a vast amount of energy to which they can become very fun to be around.

On the other hand, Libra Earth Tigers can be very indecisive. Why, because of the scale, they want to make the fairest decision and sometimes choosing one side is the only option and that’s a nightmare for them. If there is something they desire badly, they can become self-indulgent in which they will do whatever it takes to make themselves happy. The LET can be very selfish and will not care for other people’s interest. They are also stubborn so don’t try too hard convince them that they’re wrong because the argument may not have a conclusion.  The Libra Earth Tiger can be very disobedient. They do not like to be told what to do, in fact, they like to be in control. They can also be hot-headed so try not to make them angry because you can unleash the beast inside of them.

Libra Earth Tiger Compatibility Score Chart
Click on the link below to download the Compatibility Score Chart:

Libra Earth Tiger Compatibility Score Chart


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