Water Element



Water Element Personality

Positive Traits Flexible, Still, Intelligent and Interpersonal
Negative Traits Lazy, Passive and Easily Influenced


Water elements are very flexible. Just like water, they flow with the current, no matter if there are drastic changes, they will just flow along while everyone is fighting the current. Similar to a peaceful lake, the water is a still being and can be very calm even when a storm is present. Have a question that need to be answered? Well the water people are probably some of the best sources because they absorb knowledge like it’s nothing. Most of all, the water creatures have great interpersonal skills making them popular amongst friends.

On the other hand, the water can be a lazy element. They are less likely to be proactive and will sit on their thumbs until someone else pushes them to do something. Because of their laziness, one can see why they are passive as well. If there’s a conflict around them, don’t expect the water people to get involved. Worst of all, the water character is easily influenced by other people. They tend to follow other people’s ideas and opinions rather than formulating their own.

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