Monkey Sign


Monkey Sign

Monkey Personality

Positive Traits Quick-witted, Persuasive and Versatile
Negative Traits Egotistical, Disrespectful and Impatient


People born with monkey sign are quick-witted. They are usually the first ones to think of an answer to a problem. The monkey is also persuasive. If they have their eyes on something that they want, they will know how to use words and action to make it come to them. Most importantly, they are versatile, so put them in any situations or environment and they will quickly learn to adapt and overcome the obstacles if they exist.

On the other hand, the monkey can be egotistical. They are a selfish creature which they will push other people aside to make sure them center of attention. The monkey are known to be disrespectful which they will use any method to obtain their own needs and desires without caring for other people. Worst of all, they are impatient so telling them to wait for something will not be an easy task.

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