What are Pig personality traits?


Pig Sign

Pig Personality

Positive Traits Sturdy, Popular, Sincere and Honest
Negative Traits Materialistic, Pigheaded and Gullible


Pigs are known to be sturdy so it’s great to have them on your side when things become tough. They are popular creatures so expect a crowd of people gravitating towards them. Maybe it’s because they are sincere in which everything they do and say are coming from the bottom of their heart. Most of all, people born in the pig sign will always tell the truth because they are honest to the bone.

On the other hand, the pigs can be materialistic to the point where they will put their own selfish desires ahead of everything else. The pig is pigheaded and they can become difficult to agree with others’ opinions especially when it’s something that they strongly believe in. Worst of all, they are gullible and will only see the truth when it’s too late.