Capricorn Metal Rabbit

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Positive Traits Ambitious, Self-Disciplined, Determined, Self-Reliant, Graceful and Artistic
Negative Traits Stubborn, Pessimistic, Unyielding, Impulsive, Cunning and Self-Indulgent


The Capricorn Metal Rabbit is one of the most ambitious signs. They will continuously drive their life forward to success for them. These creatures are very self-disciplined and you won’t need to make rules for them because they already exist. The CMR is a determined character and is able to see straight to their goal. Making sure nothing gets in their way so that they can cross that finish line every time. They are also self-reliant and will be fine by themselves. When they come into trouble, they are able to find their way out. The Capricorn Metal Rabbit sign is a graceful being. They are very polite and kind to the point that it’s hard not to like them. Most of all, they have an artistic nature so they tend to move towards careers or hobbies that involve the arts.

On the other hand, the Capricorn Metal Rabbit is a stubborn animal. If they are fixed on something, you should save your energy from trying to change their mind. At times, the animal can show its pessimistic side. No matter how accomplished they are, they will still find flaws amongst themselves.  The CMR can become an unyielding person. If you wrong them in any way, guess who’s going to apologize first. Many times, they can become impulsive and will act on their feelings rather than their logic. The Capricorn Metal Rabbit is a very cunning creature. If they want to achieve something, they will find deceptive ways to make it happen. Worst of all, they won’t stop themselves from being self-indulgent to the point that it might be harmful to their health or moral values.

Capricorn Metal Rabbit Compatibility Score Chart
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Capricorn Metal Rabbit Compatibility Score Chart

Capricorn Metal Rabbit Compatibility Score Chart