Leo Water Pig

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Positive Traits Generous, Loyal, Flexible, Still, Sturdy and Popular
Negative Traits Dominating, Arrogant, Lazy, Passive, Materialistic and Pigheaded

People born under the Leo Water Pig sign are generous. They are not hesitant to give more than others. They have a strong sense of loyalty so don’t worry about them stabbing you in the back, in fact, they will probably save you from one. LWPs are very flexible. Just like water, they flow with the current while others would fight against it. Similar to a peaceful lake, the water is still and can be very calm even when a storm is present. Leo Water Pigs are known to be sturdy so it’s great to have them on your side when things become tough. They are popular creatures so expect a crowd of people constantly gravitate towards them.

On the other hand, the Leo Water Pig sign has a tendency to dominate over other people. They may ignore other people’s feelings and force their way to obtaining what they desire. Their arrogance will make them think highly of themselves which can sometimes hurt others around them. The LWPs can be lazy and will sit on their thumbs until someone else pushes them to act. If there’s a conflict around them, don’t expect them to get involved. The Leo Water Pigs can be materialistic to the point in which they will put their own selfish desires ahead of everything else. They are also pigheaded and can become difficult to agree with others’ opinions especially when it’s something that they strongly believe in.

Leo Water Pig Compatibility Score Chart
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Leo Water Pig Compatibility Score Chart

Leo Water Pig Compatibility Score Chart