Sagittarius Wood Pig

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Positive Traits Optimistic, Adventurous, Generous, Growing, Sturdy, Popular
Negative Traits Careless, Restless, Overburdened, Passive, Materialistic, Pigheaded

The Sagittarius Wood Pig is one of the most optimistic signs. No matter how bad the situation can get, they will still see things half full. They are adventurous creatures so they need some excitement in their lives to keep them happy. The SWP is a generous person, they will give more than they take even if it does not benefit themselves. They are constantly growing and they will continue to seek out knowledge and skills to help improve themselves. Sagittarius Wood Pigs are known to be sturdy so it’s great to have them on your side when things are tough. They are popular creatures so expect a crowd of people usually around them.

On the other hand, the Sagittarius Wood Pig can become careless. They may tend to take more risks and ignore the consequences that come along with it. If they become bored, one can see their restless behavior and will become difficult to be around. The SWP person can be easily overburdened because they tend to take on more than they can handle. Wood people can also be very passive and not care about critical situations. the pigs can be materialistic to the point where they will put their own selfish desires ahead of everything else. The Sagittarius Wood Pig is pigheaded and sometimes they refuse to listen to others’ opinions especially when it’s something that they strongly believe in.

Sagittarius Wood Pig Compatibility Score Chart
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Sagittarius Wood Pig Compatibility Score Chart