Dog Sign


Dog Sign

Dog Personality

Positive Traits Loyal, Honest, Unpretentious and Fair
Negative Traits Pessimistic, Head-strong and Fickle

The dog is a man’s best friend and is probably due to their loyal behavior. Even when people have wronged them, they can still find a reason to maintain the relationship. Further, the dog is one of the most honest signs and they will hide no secrets from you nor tell lies to attain what they want. This animal is unpretentious and they won’t steal the spotlight. If anything, they sure know how to make others shine. Last but not least, they are fair and will walk extra miles to ensure others are treated equally, even when that means they will suffer a little more.

On the other hand, the dog can become very pessimistic. They tend to complain about how it is not fair that their lives are less fortunate than others. The hound is head-strong and sometimes it is difficult for them to break away from their strong convictions. Most of all, the dog are known to be fickle which they cannot make up their mind and tend to change their decisions frequently.

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