Pisces Sign


Pisces Zodiac

Pisces Personality

Positive Traits Compassionate, Imaginative, Perceptive, and Sensitive
Negative Traits Escapist, Idealistic, Oversensitive, Weak-willed, and Lazy

The pisces has a great sense of compassion for others. If the world is hurting, these beings will also feel the pain.The fish’s mind is full of imagination, they are so creative that they can put themselves in other people’s shoes with ease. The pisces sign is also perceptive and are able to “coexist” with nature. Which means they usually like organic and earthly materials. Most of all, they are sensitive creatures and will surely help a stranger to the end.

On the other hand, the pisces are known to be escapists. If they are face with confrontations, they tend to run away from them. They are also very idealistic which things can be become too real for them to handle. The heart of the fish is very tender and can sometimes be oversensitive. One should be careful of how criticisms or jokes are shared with them. Worst of all, the last sign of the zodiacs are known to to be weak-willed that they have trouble standing back up when their emotions are disturbed and can become lazy when they have no interest in the matters at hand.

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