Scorpio Metal Snake

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Positive Traits Determined, Passionate, Self-Reliant, Orderly, Graceful, Wise
Negative Traits Jealous, Obsessive, Unyielding, Impulsive, Malicious, Possessive

The Scorpio Metal Snake sign is one of the most determined people that you will find. If they are set on something, nothing is going to stop them from getting it. They have a passionate heart so they put their 110% in everything that they take interest in. SMS are self-reliant and won’t need much dependence on others. When they come into trouble, they are able to figure it out. They are orderly so expect their surrounding to be organized and the way they carry themselves. The Scorpio Metal Snake is a graceful animal. The way they talk and move shows that they are elegant. They are very wise which shows that they can absorb experiences quickly and have a great sense of judgment.

On the other hand, the Scorpio Metal Snake can become a jealous creature. They want control of their materials and their loved ones, so stay true to them or they will sting you back. They can become obsessive when they have a strong interest in things or people. The SMS can become an unyielding person. If you wrong them in any way, guess who’s going to have to be the first one to apologize. Many times, they can become impulsive and will do and act on their feelings more than using logic. Worst of all, Scorpio Metal Snake can be one of the most malicious animals. They sometimes don’t mind using evil ways to achieve what they want without caring for people’s interest. The snake is also possessive in which they will hold on to things and people even if it is not in best interest for anyone.

Scorpio Metal Snake Compatibility Score Chart
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Scorpio Metal Snake Compatibility Score Chart