Cancer Sign


Cancer Zodiac

Cancer Personality

Positive Traits Caring, Cautious, Imaginative, Protective and Loyal
Negative Traits Moody, Clingy, Overemotional, and Hypersensitive


A person born under the sign of Cancer is very caring. If you come across one, they will surely make themselves stand out by their undying love for their loved ones. They may seem to be an open and caring person, but when it comes to serious matters, they will show their cautious nature. Security is very important to a Cancer so don’t think these creatures will jump to the conclusion without much preparation. The crab also has an imaginative mind especially when it comes to romance. These water-bearing creatures will use their imagination to make love that much more enjoyable. Most importantly, the shell is a symbol of protection for themselves, family and close friends. The Cancer person will not hesitate to stand up against anyone who chooses to harm their loved ones. With that said, they are most definitely a loyal worker, relative, and a loving partner to have.

On the other hand, Cancer can become moody which makes them overbearing for people to associate with. They can be clingy which makes it difficult for them to let negative things go and move forward with their lives. The crabs may be warm and nice in one moment then once they sense attack, they become insecure and protective of themselves. The cancer is emotional but at the same time, they can be overemotional as well. Sometimes their fantasies can cause them to overreact in certain situations. Lastly, they can be also oversensitive which is why they are easily hurt and need the shell to hide from bluntness.

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