Cancer Metal Horse


Positive Traits Caring, Cautious, Determined, Self-Reliant, Cheerful, Popular
Negative Traits Moody, Clingy, Unyielding, Impulsive, Stubborn, Talkative

A person born under the sign of Cancer Metal Horse is very caring. If you come across one, they will surely make themselves stand out by their undying love for their loved ones. They may seem to be an open and caring person, but when it comes to serious matters, they will show their cautious nature. The CMH is a determined character and will be able to see straight to their goal. Making sure nothing gets in their way because all they see is reaching that finish line. They are also self-reliant and will be fine by themselves. When they come into trouble, they are able to find their way out. The Cancer Metal Horse is a cheerful animal and will make the surrounding positive when they are present. They are also very popular so social skills is one of their strong points.

On the other hand, Cancer Metal Horses can become moody which makes them overbearing for people to be around with. They can be clingy which makes it difficult for them to let negative things go and move on with their lives. CMH can become an unyielding person. If you wrong them in any way, guess who’s going to have to be the first one to apologize. Many times, they are impulsive and will do and act on their feelings more than using logical thinking. The Cancer Metal Horse can be stubborn and will not yield to anyone’s opinion sometimes. They can also become very talkative to the point which it can be annoying to listen to.

Cancer Metal Horse Compatibility Score Chart
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Cancer Metal Horse Compatibility Score Chart